Market Research Survey

When a product / service is created most companies have determined: Where product / service is marketed (segmentation) Product / service advantages over its competitors (positioning) However, over time, with the growth of similar products / services, the variation of existing communication strategies leads to changes / segment shifts and product / service positioning. For [...]

Research Survey Services

Research Survey Services Company provides survey services required by government or private sector institutions and field data collection as well as asset managers where Trusty survey systems use integrated technology in conducting survey processes and in presentation with the aim of providing accuracy and honesty that can be reviewed in GPS coordinates and work schedules. [...]

Public Research

Public Research is a form of public opinion survey to capture public opinion. Attempts to know the public opinion was done through a study. Without good public research, the policies usually only accommodate the target audience. Trusty survey system is very competent and can accommodate with some experience in the field of research, including: Marketing [...]