Market Research Survey

//Market Research Survey

Market Research Survey

When a product / service is created most companies have determined:

Where product / service is marketed (segmentation)
Product / service advantages over its competitors (positioning)
However, over time, with the growth of similar products / services, the variation of existing communication strategies leads to changes / segment shifts and product / service positioning. For that the company must know the information and address this by making adjustments on:

Marketing strategy
Communication strategy
Information on market segment and positioning changes can be done by conducting a market survey, namely: segmentation survey and market competition position.

The series of information that can be obtained from this survey are:

Market segmentation based on: preference, needs, habit, demography
The position of market competition for similar products / services along with competitive advantages sought by the market in general and specific to several segments
Re-targeting, ie identification of new market potential
Sources of consumer information (market)
Segmentation and market position surveys are conducted periodically (according to need, market behavior / product / service characteristics) by taking a sample of respondents that can represent consumer opinions. This survey should be done through: Direct interview (face-to-face) according to the questioner